This is Daniel Charles Svoboda
Bigot, Religious Zealot,
Piece of Shit Extraordinaire

Daniel Charles Svoboda addresses Poulsbo City Council in anti-gay shirt

"...send that guy a douche bag in the mail."

Mission Statement:

So long as Daniel Charles Svoboda continues to be a malignant piece of shit, it shall remain one of my side projects to investigate and document his life and the lives of those who grant him safe-haven.

As he continues to actively and purposefully endanger the lives of my fellow LGBTQIA+ folk, I shall see to it that neither he, his family, nor friends feel safe in this world.

I am aware that there are those who may disagree with my methods and/or scope.
To you I would ask, is it not a justifiable act in defense of both self and others, to oppose a lethally dangerous assailant by force?
How many more should be made to suffer and die at the hands of bigots and fascists like Daniel Charles Svoboda and his ilk?
What does history have to say about their ideology being allowed to propagate and fester unopposed?

Danny Watch
What's that piece of shit been up to lately? [fb-screenshot]

2023-07-05 Poulsbo, Washington

Daniel Svoboda wears an anti-gay shirt to a Poulsbo City Council meeting to whine about the raising of the "sodomite flag" and how the city isn't inclusive because he doesn't feel safe walking around in his shirt. He then goes on a bizarre tangent and spouts a bunch of Manifest Destiny bullshit.
When Councilmember Livdahl opposed Svoboda's ideas, ultimately declaring them to be rooted in white supremacy, Councilmember Connie Lord proceeded to demonstrate up-to-the-clavicle insertion of her head into her ass by responding to Livdahl, "...white supremacy. I think those are trigger words," and "Everybody needs to keep their thinking to themselves and not try to aggravate this whole situation." She then abruptly pivoted to a long-winded complaint about fireworks.
How typical-perfunctory-liberalism-run-amok of Connie to think that you should give platform to bigots or coexist with themno wonder our local governments are so effective.
Seriously Connie? You were so triggered by the words "white supremacy" that you thought the better choice was that popcorn-fart of an attempt to stop others from opposing the supremacist?
[] []

2022-04-22 Port Townsend, Washington

Daniel Svoboda posts a whiny transphobic video complaining about how he "lost [his] job again" and "for the exact same reason". [ghostarchive]
That reason being, he can't just do the bare minimum of letting people live their lives while keeping his opinions to himself.
He endangers the life of every trans person he encounters with his sick compulsion to publicly identify and harass them; because in his little worm brain, they're "living a lie" and "trying to fool" him.
Then he feels oppressed when employers don't allow him to oppress others.

It's okay though! His parents say they "love [him] unconditionally"

If that weren't enough, he's got fellowship in the form of a bigot brigade to prop him up with suggestions like,
"...there is always fire bombing":

I see you Jim Bixler of Naples FL , secret bigot motherfucker and horticulturist for Third Street South.
[bixler-fb-main-screenshot] [bixler-fb-checkins-screenshot] [bixler-linkedin-screenshot] [] [hansen-firebomber-fb-main-screenshot]

Screenshot 1 of 2, Svoboda's Facebook video comments. Screenshot 2 of 2, Svoboda's Facebook video comments.

2020 Washington

Daniel Svoboda mounts a shitty little straight pride campaign for state Senate, loses and gets roasted by another candidate.

[svoboda-fb-campaign-screenshot] [] []

2022-01 Poulsbo, Washington

Daniel Svoboda repeatedly contacts a local business owner to harass them over a religious disagreement about the type of business (psychic) operated.
The following weekend, he decided to park in their private driveway to further harass them.
Following that incident, he leaves a threatening voicemail.
Upon contact with Poulsbo Police, he is reported to be agitated.
Poulsbo Police Case: H22-000104

2021-04 Kitsap County, Washington

Daniel Svoboda harasses and screams at an employee operating a coffee stand about the pro-science and BLM stickers on their personal vehicle.
Following the incident, he contacted the manager of the establishment to accuse the employee of being a bigot.
He then threatened to "take care of it [himself]" if the manager did not take action against the employee.
KCSO Case: 21-003247

2020-07-21 Bainbridge Island, Washington

Daniel Svoboda steals a pride flag from a church, threatens to return and do it again if they dare hoist another.
Gets booked again, this time for being a hypocritical, theiving, psuedo-christian bitch.
What can you say? Crimers gonna crime.


Daniel Charles Svoboda's mugshot from Portland Oregon arrest.

2017-07-26 Portland, Oregon

Daniel Svoboda verbally assaults patrons of gay bar in Portland for the umpteenth time.


It is noted, "Svoboda appears to have a fixation with the Portland gay nightlife community".
Yeah, prolly 'cause he himself harbors secret fabulous urges. Just suck a dick already dude, it's not a big deal.

2016-09-20 Portland, Oregon

Daniel Svoboda parks his cab in front of a Portland gay bar, mid-shift, to stand out front and yell slurs over a bullhorn.
His employer, Portland Taxi Cab Company, backed Svoboda's 1A rights on company time stating,
"If the gays don't want to use our company, then that's good for us."
But of course ma chérie! Turds tend to congregate at the bottom of the bowl.

[] []

2015-05-17 Portland, Oregon

Daniel Svoboda scales the outside of a gay bar, purportedly to steal their pride flag.
Seems like maybe he was peeping in from the closet, but okay.
Needless to say, he was arrested for being a fuckin' muppet.


Daniel's Family


Mother Angela (Angie) Svoboda [angela-fb-screenshot]
 No Confirmed Photograph

Father Charles Svoboda [charles-fb-screenshot]

Daniel Charles Svoboda's father Charles Svoboda. Daniel Charles Svoboda's father Charles Svoboda.

Wife and Son

Amanda Svoboda [amanda-fb-screenshot]

Daniel Charles Svoboda's family photo.

Daniel Charles Svoboda's family photo.

Daniel Charles Svoboda's son.

Known Vehicles

Registered to Wife:

Amanada Svoboda's vehicle plate.


Daniel Charles Svoboda's truck side logo.

Daniel Charles Svoboda's truck rear plate.

More About Daniel & Friends:

Daniel's older Facebook profile [ghostarchive]

Daniel's parents own a house and have a P.O. Box in Portland, Oregon.

Hey look! It's some of Daniel's friends!: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Danny boy claims it's all about the bible, but in reality he just thinks discrimination and harassment are a right. I guess we'll see how he and his friends like being on the receiving end.

I see you Christopher Hunt of Port Angeles WA [ hunt-fb-screenshot] ; you too Mr "Ex-Gay" Richard Weller of Canby, OR [ weller-fb-screenshot]

Daniel's Criminal History


Case: CR0014590 Filed: 2000-11-21 Court: Clacamas, Oregon
  165.007 Forgery in the Second Degree
  165.017 Possession of Forged Instrument in the Second Degree
Plea: Guilty
Sentence: Probation

Case: 1157033 Filed: 2010-07-29 Court: Multnomah Criminal, Oregon
  166.065(3) Harassment
Judgement: Dismissed - No Complaint

Case: 110950082 Filed: 2011-09-21 Court: Multnomah Criminal, Oregon
  161.405(2)(e) Attempt to Commit a Class A Misdemeanor
  166.065(3) Harassment
Judgement: Dismissed

Case: 1220296 Filed: 2012-04-20 Court: Multnomah Criminal, Oregon
  166.065(3) Harassment
Noted Aliases for DCS: CPMS, 748638
Judgement: Dismissed - No Complaint

Case: 15CR13565 Filed: 2015-04-06 Court: Multnomah Criminal, Oregon
  164.043 Theft in the Third Degree
Judgement: No Complaint

Case: 15CR19722 Filed: 2015-05-18 Court: Multnomah Criminal, Oregon
  164.043 Theft in the Third Degree
Judgement: No Complaint

Case: 15CR22502 Filed: 2015-06-05 Court: Multnomah Criminal, Oregon
  166.155 Intimidation in the 2nd Degree
  164.043 Theft in the 3rd Degree
Judgement: Dismissed

Case: 15CR32945 Filed: 2015-08-04 Court: Multnomah Criminal, Oregon
  166.025 Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree
  166.065(3) Harassment
Judgement: Dismissed

Case: 15CR49248 Filed: 2015-11-02 Court: Multnomah Criminal, Oregon
  166.065(3) Harassment
Plea: No Contest
Judgement: Convicted - Time Served - Probation w/Suspended Sentence


Case: I20-000636 Filed: 2020-07-20 Agency: Bainbridge Island PD, Washington
  9A.46.020.2A Harassment
  9A.72.110 Intimidating a Witness
  9A.48.090 Malicious Mischief 3
  9A.72.120 Tampering with a Witness
Prosecutor's charging decision: "no crime committed"

Case: I20-000636 Filed: 2022-05-09 Agency: Bainbridge Island PD, Washington
  9A.46.020.2A Harassment
Case status: not forwarded for charges

If your religion makes you hate someone, you need a new religion.
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